12-17-13 Helpful Dancing Etiquette Tips for Men


Dear Gaby

An advice column for dancers


Helpful Dancing Etiquette Tips for Men

  • Do dance with several partners at a dance—and always with your hostess
    at least once.
  • Do practice good sportsmanship by not monopolizing a single partner on the dance floor.
  • Lead your partner smoothly through the crowd, being careful that hands or elbows do not collide with those of other couples.
  • Remember that bad dancing habits are easier to make than break. Even while you are learning, follow along the “line of dance.” When you enter onto a dance floor, stepping out counter-clockwise is the general rule.
  • Do escort your partner back to the table. Never leave her in the middle of dance floor.
  • In closing, remember a little etiquette goes a long way…Have Fun!

To dance is to live

Thank You,

Gabriela Young

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