1-28-14 Being Present!


Gabriela Young – Franchisee Arthur Murray Santa Monica

Dear Gaby
Tips for Ballroom Dancers.

Being present.
Recently as I was giving a new student at the Arthur Murray Santa Monica Dance Center his second ever Salsa lesson, I became present of how many things can get in the way of us learning a new task, me included!
So here is my tip of the week, to make it through your dance classes and get the most out of them.

Being present, or as my student said STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. That means leave your work at your work .
If you come running in 1 minute before for your dance lessons, you will probably waist about 15 minutes of your learning experience.
Solution, get here 15 minutes ahead of time so you can leave your work behind, this way your mind will be on your Salsa lesson not your work load.
You will be more relaxed and more productive this way!

So get here early, get your mind on and body ready.
You will thank me and yourself for this!

To Dance Is To Live,
Gabriela Young

1-24-14 “Starting without a Paper Clip”.

DEW Good Photo 11-7-David Earl Woodbury

No 5: Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, January 24, 2014

“Starting without a Paper Clip”.

2013-09-20 09.47.52When we signed our lease for the Arthur Murray Santa Monica Dance Center on September 16, 2013, I returned to the studio and sat on a rickety bench and a card table with a netbook and a cell phone, and that was it. We had the power turned on and we had water, but no phone, internet, or dance floor!

As I began to build our dream, I would reach for a note pad to write on, a stapler, a Sharpie, and then a paper clip, and I realized that we were starting from scratch, from our hopes, our vision, our dreams.

As the days followed I became a mobile office, bringing in several bags that had extension cords and chargers. Another bag had office supplies, and yes, paper clips, pens, papers and notebooks. Without having a sign, a dance floor, not a stroke of new paint or any new electrical of plumbing, we were experiencing a lot of new students walking in. Since we are a Guest School at heart, I created a Guest Book and we began collecting names to call when the floor was finished.

2013-10-16 11.22.01As the floor boards were being set, I began to dance on the newly laid wood. I could not wait to experience the thrill and joy of dancing in our new studio. Then, as the last piece of wood was laid, we all took a moment for the photo shoot and celebrated. Then, the magic of dancing began and we taught our first training session that very day, on our new floor!
Our first student lesson was November 7th and it was a joyous day for us all!



2013-10-17 17.39.49






2013-11-07 19.16.52






Now, I’m2014-01-19 16.44.16 in a beautiful front room that we call the Dream Maker Room. This is where we turn dancing plans into reality and our students begin the great journey of Dance through the Arthur Murray Medalist System. Also, we create magic in the front office by planning our events and competitions for our students and staff. It is an exciting room with a wall of glass that brings in light, life, and hope and energy.

As I am composing this reflection in a nice chair, working on a glass table, typing on a state of the art PC and yes, I have paper clips right next to me. Everything in our studio came from our vision, hard work, and persistence. We have in essence built a new home for ourselves, our Arthur Murray Home, and it is beautiful. Everyone who walks in our doors says how welcome they feel and that the feel the good vibes in the studio! Our studio them is Hospitality, all are welcome in this place!

What is the magic for me? First, it is my amazing partners, Gabriela Young, the Queen of Salsa and she is a master coach. Joel Rieck, my partner and a brilliant Arthur Murray Man! He can do anything and accomplish every dream he has. Then our great staff who I focus on the most. They are so full of enthusiasm, hope and the love of dance and teaching dance! Then, our fantastic students who make this all possible through their participation and presence in the school. The Arthur Murray Students make my day a joy and they truly bless me and I love and appreciate them.

The rest of the magic for me is the fact that I am living in my dream come true! Starting just from a chat, a thought, a concept, we are now changing thousands of lives through dance. We offer courage, confidence, growth, self-esteem, and transformation to all our staff and students and we are giving them a place to live the life they have dreamed of.

The rest of the magic is now I am truly a consummate Arthur Murray Man! I live, worship, and work all in a mile radius, and I am walking the walk, and talking the talk. I want to me know at the Arthur Murray Man of Santa Monica. When people talk about dance, I want them to say, “Oh yes, you have to go to Arthur Murray, they are the best!” We are the dance beacons dancing in Santa Monica and we enthusiastically want to give back to our great city.

Live your dream…make it happen…dance today!

Thank You!
David Earl Woodbury

Next Week: Polish Your Dancing Skills – The Medalist System

1-21-14 The Benefits of Dance


Gabriela Young

The benefits of social events are fantastic, especially dance parties. The benefits are meeting new people and sharing your life and contributing to the lives of others.
Making new friends is such a thrill! Dancing is just plain old fashion fun with lots of health benefits and it’s good for the soul!
You will smile more, laugh more and move your feet more.
So join us at the Arthur Murray Santa Monica Dance Center
this Friday night and let’s get your dance on!

To Dance is to Live!

Gabriela Young

How to Plan a Great Dancing Year!

No 4: Changing Lives through Dancing

DEW Good Photo 11-7-By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, January 17, 2014   (Today is our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!)

There are not secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.
— Colin Powell (1937-) American Military Leader and Diplomat


The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all,
the world needs dreamers who do.
— Sarah Ban Breathnack


Dream to Create the Future Victor Hugo 1-17-14 How to plan a great dancing year, prepare with hard work based on the knowledge we have gained from our past mistakes and successes.  Then Dream, but Dream and Do!


I have had a big dream, and I have taken big action.  Yes, a dream is a wonderful thing to have, but without the work behind it, it is like the morning mist that slowly fades away into past memories and is a thing of the past.


Have you ever had an idea and said “That’s brilliant!” and then promptly forgot it?  I have these life changing thoughts all the time, in fact, I have life changing dreams when I sleep. Now, I have paper and a pen close by.  Write down that amazing thought, that ground-breaking dream, that life-altering message that comes to you from above…then ACT on it.


How am I planning a great dancing year? Well, first I have spoken my goals to large groups of people, and today I spoke my goals to a large room full of my peers, and they were writing down my goals as I spoke, and our team leader is going to follow through with our words!  Wow, that’s a goal that has come alive and is now in the full light of day.


Then, I have a plan.  I must confess, that I am the biggest pain in the butt at the studio.  I am constantly speaking our goals…all day…all night…day after day…week after week.  And get this, I’m seeing our goals turn into reality.  Perhaps not as fast as I want, but I see the reality taking form from these great dreams. Just like Stravinsky’s ballet, The Firebird, we are rising from the ashes into a new golden bird of dreams come true.


Take your calendar and write in your next dance event. A private lesson, a group, a party, bringing a Guest, dancing in a competition, going to a Showcase, graduating from a dance, or just coming in to practice your favorite dance or perfecting your weakest dance.


Take someone with you. Let your teacher know what you want to do. Tell another dancer what you are planning. Make an announcement at a party that you are now competing and then perform a spotlight of what you are goinDream of Success Winston Churchill 1-17-14g to perform. Write a blog, post it on Facebook, just let someone know what you are doing and come out of your shell.


Now, get on the dance floor and make it happen. Chose your best song, put together your best moves, then dance, dance, dance and live your dream.


I’m not going to rust out, and I’m not going to wear out (I hope). I’m not going to sit on my derrier and wait for the sunset of my life to arrive.  I’m going out with a fight, dancing a jig, with a song in my heart.  Yes, plan a great dancing year and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

Thank You!

David Earl Woodbury 

Next Week: Polish Your Dancing Skills With The Medalist System


You’re Never To Old To Dance

Gabycrop-1Gabriela Young

Just having been at the Hawaii Dance-O-Rama, which is a World class Arthur Murray event, I was reminded of what a great Organization I belong too .
People from all over the world gathered this last weekend in Maui and we kicked off this year with great dancing .
10,000 entries later, 380 participants in all, I was really present to the joy that filled the room, lots of happy faces, some sore feet, just having an amazing time …
The oldest participant 95 years young, his name is Robert from Chicago .
I have seen Robert’s dancing evolve now for the last 13 years. His dancing improves every year. What I was most impressed with was his posture. He is taller, his shoulders are back, his back is straight and he has grown several inches. His memory is sharp and he smiles all the time. Robert danced 80 entries in total and won top student in his division…go Robert!
Moral of the story, you are never to old to start dancing. Thank you Robert for being an inspiration and a testament of what dancing can do for you!

To Dance Is To Live!

Gabriela Young

Our Grand Opening in Santa Monica! 1-10-14

No 3: Changing Lives through Dancing

DEW Good Photo 11-7-By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Grand Opening in Santa Monica!

What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it; boldness has genius power and magic in it.
— Johann von Goethe (1749-1832) German Poet and Dramatist

A good sweat, with the blood pounding through my body, makes me feel
alive, revitalized. I gain a sense of mastery and assurance. I feel
good about myself. Then I can feel good about others.
— Arthur Dobrin (1943-) American Ethicist and Writer


Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done
without hope and confidence.
— Helen Keller (1880-1968) American Writer


We are Happy Face 1-10-14living, working, and realizing our dream! Our studio came from just a thought, a dream, a collaboration, a step forward.  We dreamed big, and then we took action with boldness. It has been a lot of great work, yet so fulfilling. Optimism has been flowing through our veins and courage has fueled us.


We have our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Friday, January 17th at 2 PM with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and then our great party on Sunday. It is a celebration that dreams really do come true. It demonstrates that a thought followed up with action and positive thinking is a dream that can be realized.


Our theme in our school is Hospitality. We welcome everyone and we encourage all to learn to dance.  When a new guest visits us, we know that giving a warm welcome is the most important part of our day. For our active students, Hospitality is providing a fun and happy environment to learn and to dance.


For you, what is your dream? Do you dance? Are you happy? Are you living your dream in the here and now? Do you spend your day being your best, stimulating your mind, soul, and spirit towards greatness? Are you giving service to others? Are you practicing your skills and sharing your success with others? So many questions, but good questions!


Ok, after you make all your grand designs and set your goals, be strong.  You will be tested. The moment you make a change in your life, you will feel it from every angle.  You become the catalyst, the leader, the motivator, the decision maker, the glue that will hold everything together as you take your new journey in life.


One Person with Courage Has Success, Others Afraid FailTake a moment and learn to dance. If you are new, call and take that first courageous step and try a first lesson. If you are rusty, come in and oil up your dancing joints.  If you are advanced, try a new dance, perfect a new routine, and participate in a challenging competition. Just move forward and enjoy the thrills that life has to offer.


Benefits…well, you’ll sleep well at night. You’ll laugh more, cry a little, share more hugs, feel more accomplishment and self confidence, and you’ll be able to get through the rough days easier, and truly appreciate the great days in your life. Don’t be afraid, it will be hard, but it will be fulfilling. Step forward and make a change in your life.


Wishing you all a courageous and prosperous January!

Thank You!

David Earl Woodbury 

Next Week: How to Plan a Great Dancing Year!


Wow, here we are in 2014 already…….

Gabycrop-1Gabriela Young


Dear Gaby

An advice column for dancers

Wow, here we are in 2014 already…….

After just getting back from a personal growth and development course in Playa Del Carmel, I wanted to share with you what my wish for 2014 is:

May your listening of the word be in goodness and abundance….May you

create your world…..May Joy, Love, Growth and Development be present….May opportunities be around every corner that alters your life well into 2014 and are recognized and take you out of worry.

And remember all is well there is nothing to fix just something to do…..

To Dance is to Live 

Thank You,

Gabriela Young