2-4-14 Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

2014-01-30 20.20.38

Gabriela Young – Franchisee


Dear Gaby

An advice column for dancers

“Spice up your Valentine’s Day”

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, I thought of ways that the Arthur Murray Santa Monica staff could make this Valentine’s day one of the best ones of your life!
For one we will be hosting a Valentine’s Day party on February 14th.
So come in and spend the evening with us and celebrate life with dance!
We will teach the dance patterns and skills to be able to partner dance.
To me, that’s what Valentine’s Day is about “Partnering”.

We will teach dances like:

Rumba: sensuality
Cha Cha: get your flirt on
Waltz: grace
Tango: tantalizing and dramatic
Swing: fun fun fun

For me all the dances we teach at the Arthur Murray Dance Center in Santa Monica are romantic and fun.
See you Friday Night February 14th

To dance is to live!

Thank You,
Gabriela Young

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