30 Day Dance Challenge August 2014 Every Day!

2014-03-25 13.22.10


Tip from Gaby

Take the Arthur Murray 30-Day Dance Challenge! Get daily tips and instruction from Arthur Murray champion dancers, franchise owners and traveling consultants.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers all over the world are going to be participation in a 30 Day Dance Challenge. Join us in this exciting event with daily exercises that will improve your social and competitive skills.

Everyday there will be a new challenge; from how to use your feet in smooth dances to hip action and frame. For those of you who complete the 30 Day Dance Challenge, you will receive a certificate of completion.

How do you join?

Go to our website find our Facebook page. Copy and paste this link into your Facebook browser and “Join” the event to receive the daily updates and “Invite” all of your friends to participate with you.

Log in daily starting August 1st to be a part of this nationwide dance event.

Happy dancing everyone!

To Dance is to Live!

Thank You,
Gabriela Young

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