Happy Halloween 10-31-14 David Woodbury

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No 43 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Carving Contest Two 10-31-14

Don’t Settle For Less

There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it,
perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle
for less.– Kurt Hahn

Pumpkin Carving Contest 10-31-14

Joel Rieck said to me a long time ago to not settle for less. I cannot forget his words. Always strive to be the best, set the best example and do your best in all areas. This quest for perfection and success in all areas is tough, yet very fulfilling. We accomplish so much more as we are moving on the road to success than pulling into a rest area on the side of the road of life.

In Silicon Valley, failure is experience. Now, if you fail at
everything, that’s different. But a failure is a mark of experience
more than anything.– Vint Cerf, One of the Key Creators of the Internet

Will there be failures in our quest for not settling for less? Yes. I still fail in certain areas, yet I am succeeding in many endeavors at the same time. Let’s take Tango for our quest for success. First we begin with a simple T.A.N.G.O. basic and repeat that over and over. Then we add the promenade and finally the famous Tango Dip! Then, we are hooked. We may make a few mistakes, but the reward will come to us in the long run.

It’s easy to settle for less. We accept lesser service, a bad seat, a poor meal, lateness, lack of preparation, even accept some failure and give into it. Not settling means that we set high standards and strive over and over until we see those standards realized.

Along the way, must people give up. They experience an initial success and do not want to work so hard any more. I have many mentors in my life who set the example of how to excel every day in every way. They never let me down or cease to amaze me in their level of service and standard of excellence. These mentors continue to lead and help others and their light never dims and the oil in their lamps never goes empty. The examples of leadership around me are truly inspirational.

How will I not settle in my life? My Achilles’ heal is purely fatigue. When I strive for the highest goals, I feel the surge of power running through me. I can feel the energy taking over my body and I am aware of the magic as it passes through me. Many times after a great success, my shirt is soaked from the power that I felt pass through my soul and mind and through my words. This takes a toll. The upside, I sleep like a baby and I fall asleep instantly. This I have been told is a great blessing. I can feel sleep overtaking me and I am aware that I am gone by the time my eyes are closing. Fatigue, bring it on. I’ll trade it in for the awareness of the power of life and the exhilaration of feeling the electricity of light pulsating through me.

Settle yes, but only for the best in your life. The road is rewarding and the path full of excitement and many rewards.

Love you all,

David Woodbury






Tip from Gaby 10-29-14 Touch


Tip from Gaby 10-29-14 Touch


One of the most powerful ways to heal your mind and spirit is through human touch.

There are so many ways to incorporate touch in our daily lives, one of the easiest being a heartfelt embrace. Just making a point to hug someone on a daily basis helps us heal any hurt or upset we may have recently experienced by letting us release into the moment of the embrace and realize that no matter what happens to us, we have someone in our lives who supports and cares for us.

Another nourishing form of touch is partnership dancing. Yes, Ballroom Dancing, Club dancing, Country Western dancing, Latin dancing. All these all use touch as a main source of connecting to others with an energy that gives and takes.

Letting ourselves take advantage of the healing nature of touch creates space where we can truly live in and experience the world through our bodies, allowing us to completely immerse ourselves in the loving sense of joy and wonder that is our life.

Thank you,

Gabriela Young

Successful People 10-24-14

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No 42 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, October 24, 2014

Successful People

If successful people have one common trait, it’s an utter lack of
cynicism. The world owes them nothing. They go out and find what they
need without asking for permission; they’re driven, talented, and
work through negatives by focusing on the positives.– Mike Zimmerman

I am driven and I work through the negatives by focusing on the positive. The only reason I am here today is because of the wonderful friends and mentors who have guided me to this point in my life.

2014-10-22 13.11.59

We must find time to stop and thank the people who have made a
difference in our lives.– Dan Zadra

I’ve seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people
living ordinary lives.– Tracy Chapman

Thank you to my great parents, family, friends, Arthur Murray Family, St. Monica Team, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce leaders, dance competitors, fitness friends, WeightWatchers, and especially my partner, Joel Rieck. I am aware that we have not chosen the easy path in life. We are all the powerful Icebreaker ships that open the path for other ships in the seas. We create a road across rivers, through mountains, rough terrain, so that others may have an easier time in their lives on their road of success.

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The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing
would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.– Mahatma Gandhi

Am I doing what I am capable of doing? The answer is no. I’m 58 and still I have not reached my potential. I see a work ethic all around me that says work less, delegate, slow down. Yet, I just can’t slow down. I love my life and I love what I do.

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.– John Keats

I want to feel real. Happiness, sorrow, success, failure, the good and the bad. I want to feel life and learn from all that it has to give. Now, I see a success as someone who gives life and leadership to others. The great leaders in my life have won awards, received special recognition. But what I notice the most of all is that after they receive their accolades, they continue doing the work that got them there. They don’t just do the work and receive the plaque and then rest, they continue with the same actions of service that brought them to the light in the first place.

2014-10-15 21.00.22

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind
word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment, or the smallest act
of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.– Leo Buscaglia

Go out there and be successful, but do it while you are turning someone’s life around to be better and more successful!

Love you all,

David Woodbury



10-21-14 Being a “Yes” to Dancing!

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Tip from Gaby

Being a YES to Dance

I wanted to thank all of our students that came and participated in our dance contest at the 2014 Wellbeing Festival. Thank you for being a “YES” to your dancing

and for sharing your love and dance skills with the people in your community. I hope all of you will take this experience and add it to your page of adventures.

Because you said “Yes” you have influenced hundreds of people, put a lot of smiles on people’s faces and touched many hearts, mine included.

Amazing what saying “YES” will do, it can lead you to places and things and people that might change your life.

So my tip for the day is: be a “Yes”, especially to Dance!

To Dance is to Live!

Gabriela Young



How many days to Christmas? 10-17-14

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No 41 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, October 17, 2014

When’s Christmas and Hanukkah?

Christmas is in 70 days and Hanukkah is in 64 days. I send out my Christmas cards November 28th and my Christmas tree goes up that weekend. I’m working weekly on my cards (which I make) and my mailing list. Time to purchase the gifts I send to those far away, and start planning the kitties’ stockings. The holidays are almost here!

2014-10-15 21.00.22

Why in the world am I writing about this now? Because 2015 will be here before we know it and January is one of the biggest months in our Arthur Murray calendar! We begin ‘Dancing With Our Stars’ benefit in January at St. Monica’s and January is also our biggest guest promotion month of the new year.

2014-10-15 21.00.35

Another reason is that I am passionate for the holidays is the music of the seasons. I love the familiar tunes and the classic music that I grew up with. I love the decorations at Disneyland and the “snow” that falls each night on Disney’s Main Street. I love sending out cards and messages to so many that I love and miss, and receiving cards from so many friends.

2014-10-15 21.00.48

I especially love the Arthur Murray calendar at this time of year. We have the Tournament of Champions, six weeks of great parties and activities. November is Graduation Medal Ball, December is the event of the year “Holiday Ball” and our new “Mistletoe Ball”.

2014-10-15 21.00.59

Sometimes the holidays are rough on us, but dancing with Arthur Murray makes the holidays a joy and a pleasure to experience. Then, January is a fantastic month to kick start the new year! Yes, Arthur Murray is the place to be October through December and into the New Year!

I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I just lived
the length of it. I want to live the width of it as well.– Diane Ackerman

One of the many things I love about Arthur Murray is having some many things to look forward to! As the above quote says, I want to ‘do it all’ in my life. After 38 years of the Arthur Murray professional life (October 15, 1976), I still feel as if there is much, much more for me to experience and do. There will never be enough years of dancing for me!

Remember, the magnitude of your life is directly proportional to the magnitude of your thoughts – Dodinsky

How to make all this a reality in our lives? Read below!

Do what you love to do, and do it so well that those who come to see
you do it will bring others to watch you do it again and again.– Mark Victor Hansen

My goal is to have the friendliest, happiest, most active, and most hospitable Arthur Murray school in the world! This can only be achieved by living the dream. Being a good planner and being a master at follow through!

The greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of loving and
believing in yourself. Guard this gift with your life. It is the only
thing that will ever truly be yours.– Tiffany Loren Rowe

Enjoy the holidays. Come dance with us and dance away the blues and dance in the joy. Laugh, feel good, and become that happy person that lives life in joy and eager anticipation of the coming day

Love you all,

David Woodbury



Don’t Have Enough Time? 10-10-14

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No 40 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, October 10, 2014

Don’t have enough time?

Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same
number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis
Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas
Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.– H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Hi there. I’m late for my blog because I ran out of time! Wow, did I actually say that. Well yes I did! I was busy, I’m too tired, I had too much to do, I’m dancing 7 days a week, I’m preparing for the winter season. Lot’s of reasons for not writing my blog.

Check out this saying: Paddle, paddle – sometime big wave come.– Taro, Japanese surfer

Sometimes that’s how we create, doing a little bit at a time, then the job is done! As for time: “Extra-ordinary Results Come From Extra-Ordinary Effort”. That does not include saying you don’t have enough time. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. I wish I had 48 hours each day. I wish I did not have to sleep. I would speak perfect French, be on top of my exercise plan, run the top dance center in the country, and be a great success.

Yet, I have many friends who have the same 24 hours who achieve IT ALL in their lives. I watch them, see them on Facebook, chat with them, visit with them and they all seem so normal. They seem to “do it all” in their lives!Well, I’m still moving forward in my 24 hours in a day.

I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying “yes” than by sayings “no”.– Richard Branson

I am asked to do many things and I try to say yes to them all and fit it all in.

Not having enough time takes its toll, yet I show the results of a busy life in my looks:

Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me, I want people
to know why I look this way. I’ve traveled a long way and some of the
roads weren’t paved.– Will Rogers

What’s the answer? I have so much to do that I’m going nuts. Dancing, working, serving, planning, doing stuff all the time. Never can get it all done and what’s the answer?

Here is the answer….I’m going to laugh my way through the rest of my life. I’ll be busy until my last breath. I envision my last moments on this earth hollering “I’m not ready to go, give me just a little more time!” Count on this, I’m going with a song in my heart and laughter in my voice. Laughter is a medicine and I’m needing lots of it.

Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. And if
you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots and lots of time
with them.– Unknown

I don’t think an Arthur Murray teacher has taught a great lesson until they have had a laugh so loud that the whole studio stops to join in the merriment. You gotta laugh in life and have a little fun. You’ll still be busy. You’ll still never have enough time to do all you important stuff. So smile, laugh and enjoy the journey.

Hey guess what? I had time for my blog.

Love you all,

David Woodbury















Tip from Gaby 10-7-14 Progressive Classes

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Tip from Gaby 10-7-14

Progressive Classes

Many of our students have a problem retaining dance patterns. Most of the time it’s due to the lack of practice.  But what if you could do the same steps every week?

Every month here at the Arthur Murray Santa Monica Dance center we offer a progressive class, that will help you retain and go over weekly what you have learned the week before. How this works, at the beginning of the month we pick a dance (by the way this month it’s Tango).

Every Wednesday of the month we teach fundamental techniques and steps that will be repeated each week. Every week we add a new element and step pattern while we repeat the lesson from the week before. This is designed to enhance your memory and skills for that particular dance.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to group class and build some long lasting dancing skills .

See you soon!