Give Somebody a Boost! 11-14-14

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No 45 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, November 14, 2014

Give Somebody a Boost!

Many people believe that support is something that you give to
someone you feel sorry for or that it means propping up someone who
would fail unless you were there to give him a boost. But that’s not
the way I see it. Support is the boost you can give someone who can
help himself but who needs a partner to open a window or push aside a
roadblock.– Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s

I had a student in Scottsdale, AZ many years ago. She was amazing. She spoke 6 languages and had traveled all over the world. She had lived through two world wars. Once, during the blitz, she left her husband and 3 children at home and went to the market. After the air raid, upon her return, she found that where her home had been was a huge crater. All had been lost. Later in the war, she parachuted out of planes and in the fields, built earthen ovens and baked bread for the soldiers.

With all her resources, education and life experience, she told me this, “You can only wear one coat at a time”. I never forgot her words. This was an amazing woman. She taught me what truly mattered in life.

Money is a “way of keeping score in life,” says T. Boone Pickens. But
that is just for those who like playing the game. The real goal is to
live with grace and dignity. You can do that with a small amount of
money…or not do it with a fortune.– Bill Bonner, financial journalist

There is much satisfaction in work well done, but there can be no
happiness equal to the joy of finding a heart that understands.– Victor Robinsoll

Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time
and you’ve lost part of your life.– Michael Leboeuf

After 38 years with Arthur Murray, I am finding out that my call in life is now service. Giving back from the abundance that has been given to me over the years. An amazing thing is happening to me right now. I am finding that I am surrounded by others who thing, feel, and live the same way.

You are not happy because you are well.  You are well because you are
happy.  You are not depressed because trouble has come to you, but
trouble has come to you because you are depressed. You can change
your thoughts and feelings, and then the outer things will come to
correspond, and indeed there is no other way of working.– Emmet Fox

As I live this way, I am much, much happier in my life. My dark secret is that I have trouble with depression. Having lived through losing both parents and a partner in a very short time, I had trouble bouncing back. The truth is that I never really recovered. Yet, my balm is the happiness I experience through helping others.

It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined.– Henry James

So, this is your exercise. Go help someone. Buy someone dinner. Call a sick friend. Volunteer for Thanksgiving. Visit the sick, call someone who has experienced a loss in their life. You’ll find that you won’t be able to think of your troubles while you are helping someone else. Then, the true joy of life will fill your hear and soul.

You can find on the outside only what you possess on the inside.– Adolfo Montiel Ballesteros

Love you all,

David Woodbury

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