New Year’s Resolutions for Dancers 1-13-15 Gabriela Young



New Years resolution for your dancing.

Since most of our students at the Santa Monica Arthur Murray are just starting on their Bronze programs,

here are a few items you could add to your list of dance resolutions for 2015:

If you’re a Bronze 1 dancer:

A resolution for leaders:

I will navigate the

compass clearly, North, South, East, and West

If you’re a follower:

I will focus on my posture and balance before I focus on my partner.

For all of you: the only person

I will compare myself to is the person I used to be before I started dancing

If you’re in Bronze 2:

Resolutions for Leaders:

I will talk and dance simultaneously as much as


Followers: I will emphasize my legs and feet before I wiggle my hips and rear!


I will follow my teacher’s recipe for all things technical in my dance program.

Thank you Chris Lyman at Arthur Murray Live, for these helpful hints!

Happy dancing everyone,

Gabriela Young


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