Freedom Through Imagination 5-22-15

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No 21. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, May 22, 2015

Freedom Through Imagination

Imagination ranks with reason and conscience as one of the supreme
characteristics by which man is distinguished from all other animals.
— Clara Spence, Educator, 1925

Have you ever seen the photo of Walt Disney standing in the empty field, standing where the Disneyland Cinderella’s Castle was to be built? Walt Disney had a dream. He could see his dream Disneyland and where there was nothing, Walt saw his dream.

2015-05-21 18.47.18

When we visited our space for the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica, we walked in and I sat on an old rickety bench that was left over in the lobby and I said “This is where our front desk will be”, and that is exactly where the front desk is today.

I saw all the offices, the lobby, the ballroom, the second ballroom and kitchen. I could hear the music playing, see the dancers dancing, and hear the laughter in the ballroom.

2015-05-17 18.10.20

As I type, I can hear Gabriela’s voice in the ballroom teaching a magical Salsa lesson. I hear laughter, music, and see happy faces coming and going from our ballroom. We dreamed big and had a great imagination that turned into a reality.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.
— Norman MacFinan

2015-05-15 20.37.28

Let’s talk about being busy. I’m going to quit saying I’m busy. It has been killing me. “Oh, I’m so busy”. Who cares? What does it matter? I just needed to grow up and quit whining like a little kid. Now I am thinking, I have so many opportunities to serve and to grow. Wow, every morning, every day, every evening, I have so many opportunities to serve and grow as a person and go give back to others.

A great friend of mine, Gary Loeb, says “People like to do business with people they like”. That is so very true. I’m not perfect at my studio, yet I know a genuine smile and a true laugh, and a heart full of appreciation goes a very long way. People do not like a grumpy dumpy. Yes, I may feel that I have many “opportunities” in a certain day or week, yet I can see the end results and see the growth experienced from the service given.

2015-03-15 09.22.31

I’m seeing how far I can go, and I want to go the full distance and fulfill my potential and give all that I have to give.

If you are a dancer, take the floor with gusto and always give your best on the dance floor. Always give a big smile and make ‘em smile and laugh. Be unforgettable when you dance and leave the audience wanting more, every time. Make sure your dance partner feels the magic coming from you, and that you both radiate passion, energy, and conviction and connection when you dance.

Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside.– Brian Tracy

The best imagining comes from a great heart. Imagine the Moon and the Stars and Go for the Gold in your life. Give the best service every day, dance the best with every step, listen with two ears, and return a request with a smile. Let your heart dream and see what great things happen in your life!

Keep on Dancing!

David Woodbury

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