The Ideal that you Enthrone in your Heart 8-21-15

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No 34. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, August 21, 2015

The Ideal that you enthrone in your heart.

The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone
in your heart – this you will build your life by, and this you will
become. — James Lane Allen (1849-1925) American Author

Do you have dreams in your life? Do they haunt you daily? Do you think of them all the time? What are your first thoughts when you are going to sleep? What are your first thoughts upon awakening? Do you have regrets about what you are doing in your life? Are you living your life dream?

Patience is passion tamed.
— Lyman Abbott

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I am not a patient person. I want everything now and I feel as if I have paid my dues and that I am entitled to success in every area of my life. Oh my goodness, I’m 59 and I’m thinking as a millennial! What has happened to me? Why do I always think that everything that I touch will be a great success? Why do I think that all my dreams are going to come true? Why, because I believe in passion. I am willing to pay the price for success and that vision has truly enthroned in my heart.

There are some old sayings, “Become the person you want to be with” “Surround yourself with people you want to become like”. If you want to find that perfect person in your life, successful, charismatic, rich, powerful, smart, creative, then become that person in every aspect. Like will attract like. Look around you at all your friends. Look at where they are in their lives, what they have, do, give, how they think, live, and interact with others. Guess what? You will become just like the circle of friends you surround yourself with each and every day.

When you find a champion ballroom dancing couple, you can bet and win that their immediate friends are successful dancers, champions who are now judges, successful dance school owners, and fantastic people. Their families support them, their friends are all accomplished in their lives, and they themselves are “living the dream” after many, many years of practice, preparation, and perseverance.

2015-08-20 17.04.22

Common sense is the knack of seeing things as they are, and doing
things as they ought to be done.– Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) American Novelist

My business partner, Gabriela Young, recently commented to me about the use of common sense. To be successful today, along with doing all the right things, it helps to have a lot of common sense and to use that knowledge. Do the right thing the first time.

Right actions for the future are the best apologies for wrong ones in
the past.– Tyron Edwards

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As it is said “Hindsight is 20/20”. Think before speaking and think before taking action. I love to use MailChimp. After all your preparation of your email, art, content, and proofreading it over and over, then you read to send your precious message to 300 of your favorite friends. Just before sending your email, an animated chimp is poised to press the send button, and sweat is dripping from his face. The longer you wait the more he sweats and the more you doubt yourself, and eventually, you cancel your send and proofread again. This has saved me from sending a unedited email many, many times. You want to be sure you have not made a mistake.

Many ideas have enthroned my heart. They all seem so hard in the beginning. “Oh my, how am I going to get all this done?” And now, I think, “I could be doing a lot more”. You get into “Dream Shape” and you are able to get more done to live and realize your dreams. Remember, the thoughts you have today will be your realities of tomorrow.

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Live your dreams, Become your dreams!

Keep on Dancing!

David Woodbury

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No 30. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, July 24, 2015

Impossibilities Vanish!

Man is so made that whenever anything fires his soul, impossibilities
vanish.– Jean de la Fontaine

Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.– Henry Ford (1863-1947) American Industrialist

At Unique Dance-O-Rama, I was honored to be one of the judges for the event. What an exciting adventure. Standing on the dance floor and being able to watch dancers up close and personal. I could clearly see their choreography, footwork, styling, and character of each dance. So thrilling!

2015-07-18 19.24.20

I watched calm dancers, dancers whose hands were shaking in dance position, dancers who were smiling and dancers whose faces were locked in fear. Some dancers counted their steps, some sang the words to the songs being played, some smiled and laughed as they dance, and then the dancers who were truly having the time of their lives.  It was so fun to watch all the dancers. They looked so alive and in the moment.

2015-07-18 22.27.20

The last night of the competition I was privileged to judge the American Smooth Pro Competition. I just love Smooth. The dancers were so close to me that I could smell the ladies perfume and even say hello to the male dancers. I could feel the air move as the dresses brushed so close to me. I could actually feel their dancing. The elegance of the Waltz, the power of the Tango, the control and smoothness of the Foxtrot, and the unbelievable energy of the exciting Viennese Waltz, my #1 favorite dance of all time.

2015-07-18 23.55.38

Judging this professional competition was very difficult. The dancers were all so committed to excellence and showing the character of each of their dances.  Each couple in the final went through a Quarter and Semi Final, to get to the last 6 in the Final Heat.  The Final Heat is almost a professional show of the best 6 professional couples at the event, all dancing their best at the same time.

2015-07-18 19.17.38 2015-07-18 19.17.59

The awards are heart wrenching. The looks as the 6th, 5th and 4th couples are called, then the last 3 remaining couples.  Then the last 2 couples wait, hugging and kissing each other with congratulations.  The pause of the announcement seems to never pass, then the runners up are called and the winners are revealed.  The winning couple is left on the floor, tears and laughter and hugs, then they graciously bow and then walk up to congratulate every other couple and then take their spots as first place for the photos.

2015-07-19 09.38.52

The 6 winners are now a family and they have created a memory of a lifetime. They have sealed their friendships that will last the rest of their lives. They are leave the floor to many, many hugs, congratulations, and pats on the back and more and more Facebook photos.  The night is full of magic.

2015-07-18 23.11.04 2015-07-18 23.13.27

I am honored to have danced with Arthur Murray for 39 years, October 15 started my 40th year with our company. I have, God willing, many, many more years of dancing with Arthur Murray ahead for me.  As Bob Long says, “I’m all in” for the rest of my life with Arthur Murray. Can you imagine the joy I feel daily as I know that I will be dancing as long as I live?  I’ll never get enough of the fun, partnership, connection, dancing, shows, exhibitions and opportunities to dance in front of others.

There’s always a bright future ahead for us all with dancing and music.  My mom, J. Clair, always said to me “Keep a little song in your heart”.  I do that while keeping a little dance in my feet as well.

This was fun to write and share with you all.  Keep on dancing. Arthur Murray is the best place to dance world wide. We are the leaders in making dancing dreams come alive for YOU!

Keep on Dancing!

David Woodbury