How to make pressure work in your favor!

No 38 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, September 22, 1956

How to make pressure work in your favor!

Some ideas on making stress work in the positive for you!


Inside Influences

Have a positive optimistic outlook

Have an anchor of faith or spirituality

Always be motivated

Take action – be the proactive person

Always enjoy learning

Go with the flow – be flexible

Adapt with life’s changes

Be a leader socially – be the Go-To person

Show self-confidence and self-esteem


Outside influences

Take every opportunity that comes your way

Use the support of family, friends, and co-workers

Manage the stress and difficulties that you face

Surround yourself with a nurturing, happy environment

Live in an autonomous area

Earn the trust of others and be trusted by others


Do I do all these things? I attempt them all daily. The fact that I have them listed, and I study them, and I try to achieve all of them makes me a winner. Have these goals in front of you and strive to achieve them. Personally, I hate negative stress and what it does to my blood pressure and my heart. Yet, I must, I do, and I will manage the challenges that come to me daily. Owing a dance studio may put you on the mountain top one minute, then into the depths of hell the next when a water pipe breaks over you dance floor! You just learn to adapt and try to not have a stroke or turn into a mean person. The truth is, it will all get better.

I love receiving a bag of lemons. Tea, sauces, fish, steaming, cleaning, salads. So many uses for lemons. When I take a lemon, I let it settle to room temperature. Then I roll the lemon to release the juices. Before cutting it, I zest the whole outside.

Then I cut it open, squeeze all the juice out. I take a grapefruit knife and then cut out all the inside and chop it up and use it in my dish. When I’m finished, all that is left is the white skin and I have completely used up the lemon. I use this analogy, because this is what I want to do with my life. I want to use up every part of me to the service of others and use every drop of ability that I have to influence and guide others.

So, go be a good lemon in your life.  Remember, surround yourself with people you want to become like. Surround yourself with great leaders, mentors, guides, helpers, and with friends who will tell you “NO” when you are wrong. Truly, we become exactly like those around us all the time.

Remember pressure can make you blow up, or cook a great pot roast. Use life’s challenges to empower you and make you stronger!

Thanks for reading!

David Earl Woodbury

Keep on Dancing!




Time for a Re-Set in Your Life 5-22-14

DEW Good Photo 11-7-

David Earl Woodbury

No 21 Changing Lives through Dancing

Friday, May 23, 2014

Time for a “Re-Set” in your life!

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected
without trials. — Chinese proverb

Sometimes we ourselves are the only scripture or inspirational text others will ever read. To some, we are the only “owner’s manual” of life that they will read. We are the “how to” instructions for the software of life. Our words, actions, and behaviors are the “Google” of how to live to many of those around us.

What a responsibility and opportunity. For me, I live, worship, and work within a one mile radius. I see our Arthur Murray student family sometimes when I walk out my door for a run, walking down the street, in the market (tip: dress better at Von’s), in restaurants, on a date. Sometimes I am a Hospitality Minister at St. Monica’s Parish and I am assisting a student. Sometimes I am a Eucharistic Minister giving communion to an Arthur Murray student.

How do I live my life? I have to be the same person at all times. The joy of life and a smile are becoming more and more important to me as our Arthur Murray Dance Center continues to grow.

Who are my mentors who teach me this? I see my life guides often, and they are always the same great people, same great attitudes, same great leaders all the time. They never let me down, and I see them in all types of situations. I strive to be that same great man all the time.

How do we keep a smile while we are being polished by friction in life, as we are going through trials? I learned from my great partner Jim, that “It will get better” as we live. Having been someone who has been through the “Dark Night of the Soul”, I mistakenly thought that this was a one-time event in life. That is not the case. As we drive through the mountains, we often enter and exit tunnels that enable us to drive to our destinations. The tunnels enable us to travel from one great place to the next.

If we do not know the route, sometimes the tunnels come upon us unexpectedly.

We don’t know how long the tunnel will last, yet, we know there is an end and we will once again enter the light.

The Lærdal Tunnel in Norway is the world’s longest road tunnel, it’s length is 15.1 miles. The Seikan Tunnel in Japan has a 14.5 mile long portion under the seabed. In today’s world of modern marvels, we can engineer tunnels that will connect us and save us time. Perhaps in our lives, we can “engineer” ourselves to know how to go through the tunnels of trials that strengthen our lives and learn to manage them.

If we want change in our lives, we must be the catalysts to make it happen. We must become self-starters and leaders and guides to those who are unable to get through their dark tunnels. Be a good life engineer and put light in your tunnel and use it as a pathway to great changes for you and for others.

Thank You,

David Earl Woodbury

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