No 37 9-14-17 “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

No 37 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, September 15, 1956

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

– George Eliot (1819-1880) English Novelist

Do you ever say any of these things? Someday I’ll make it!  I can’t wait until my ship comes in! I’ll try again. Has that opportunity passed me by? I wonder what might have been? Well, I have thought of this a million times. What my life would have been had I made different decisions and taken different paths.

What if I had just stayed with my parents and taken over my dad’s business? What if I had chosen another great field? What if I had stayed in certain relationships, finished a different degree, walked a different path? What would have happened?

What I have learned today, is that everything I have, am, and will become is from all the experiences of my life and decisions I made. Also, I realize that I would not be who I am today without going down the paths I chose in life.

Do you feel like you’ve missed the boat? That it’s too late for you? That you missed your calling and that you are trapped in the current life you are living?

Well, you’re not trapped. Listen to this truth, you have lived your perfect life and you are perfect just as you are. You are wonderful, special, unique, and a great success at just being you! You are meant to be the perfect person you are today and you have a lot to give to others and the world.

The truth here is that it’s never too late to live your perfect dream. Where does all the hope and knowledge come from in my life?  Well, I finally found out that my life is just not about getting all the time. It’s about giving of my gifts to others. These are the only times when I’m truly happy. When I am able to help, inspire, mentor, or guide someone else, I’m truly happy. When I’m just trying to raise my bottom line, I’m not truly fulfilled.

Does this mean I don’t believer in success and prosperity? I believe that we must be successful to have the resources to help others and to be effective in our local and global communities.

It’s not too late for you.  Write your book, become a competition ballroom dancer, run a marathon, become a great cook, get married, study and graduate, open your dream business, get in shape, become a fundraising guru, or just find any dream you have and share it with others and get busy and make it happen.

Will I have it all in the end? I think I have it all right now. I think that during the hustle and bustle and confusion of the day, I try to take a quiet moment and realized how blessed my life truly is and I have hope, God willing, for all the many coming years in my life.

When I turned 60, I did not know how I’d feel. To my great astonishment, on that day, I set a 20-year goal. To be just like my great dance mentors who are 20 years older that I am. They are vibrant, surrounded by young people, in great demand, and are always helping and guiding others.

I want to be that handsome 70-year-old guy, perfectly dressed, in great health, and on the dance floor all night with energy to spare. At 80, I want to be the guy in demand on the dance floor and the guy who is elegant, poised, graceful, and strong. I can see my 80-year-old slender, healthy, happy self on the floor dancing the night away, full of laughter, love, and surrounded by friends.

Perhaps having this dream keeps me going. I remember my lovely mother, J. Clair Woodbury always said to me, “Keep a little song in your heart”. Yes, I try to do that every day. Put a smile on your face and see your reflection in the faces of others.

Thanks for reading!

David Earl Woodbury

Keep on Dancing!



Santa Monica One Year Anniversary 11-7-14

2014-11-06 12.12.37

No 44 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury

Friday, November 7, 2014

Our One Year Anniversary

Destiny, I feel, is also a relationship – a play between divine grace
and willful self-effort. Half of it you have no control over; half of
it is absolutely in your hands, and your actions will show
measurable consequence. Man is neither entirely a puppet of the Gods,
nor is he entirely the captain of his own destiny; he’s a little of
both. We gallop through life like circus performers balancing on two
speeding side by side horses – one foot is on the horse called fate,
the other on the horse called free will. And the question you have to
ask every day is – which horse is which? Which horse do I need to
stop worrying about because it’s not under my control, and which do I
need to steer with concentrated effort?– Elizabeth Gilbert, from Eat, Pray,  Love


We’re open one year today!!!!!! Last year we taught our first lesson on November 7, 2013. Wow, it’s been an exciting year!


So let’s see. We started with just 3 keys, and that was it. No students, staff, furniture, floor, computers, music, phones, sign, etc. Now, we have an exciting school full of students and fabulous teachers.


We have made it though floods, more floods, and did I forget to say, more flooding on our new floor. We went through the hoops with Santa Monica and at last receiving our Franchisee from Arthur Murray International.


2014-11-05 19.57.28

We have been here with no lady instructors and sometimes no ladies at all. We’ve had just ladies and no men. We have danced at parties with just us, or 2 students. What a ride. Now, when I go to a party full of laughing, happy students and our wonderful staff, I get tears in my eyes. I am so thankful for where we are today.


We have gone through the fire and have arrived purified with the waters of purification and trials. We have been here with our partners and without our partners. Ups and downs. And now, our school has the “hum” that makes it magical for us all.

2014-11-05 19.58.12


I love coming to the studio. Every day I am at my best. Every day I think of how to become a better person, owner, manager, and man. Every day our studio pulls the best out of us and we grow stronger week by week. Would I trade any of this work….no, never. It has made me grow and has made me a grateful person.


Thanks to all who helped get us here. Thanks Robert and Christy Melgoza for enabling the smooth transition to our school. Thanks to Gabriela Young and Joel Rieck for holding it together this past year. Thanks St. Monica Parish, to Arthur Murray International, Inc. for all your help, guidance and support. Thanks to the DeBeve’s for your love. And to all our many mentors around the country, the world, our own City of Santa Monica, The Chamber of Santa Monica, Thank You!


I would not be here today without the charismatic parents who raised me. My mom’s creative Southern ways, and my dad, who was my life’s hero, who was a born leader and friend to all. Dad was my number one guide in life.


This Friday, we celebrate life, accomplishment, love, life, laughter, freedom, success and to a great present and a bright future!

Love you all,

David Woodbury



4-22-14 Add the “Romance” to your Dancing!

2014-03-25 13.09.36
Gabriela Young

4-22-14 Earth Day!

Dear Gaby

An advice column for dancers

Tip from Gaby

Last week I recommended dances for Fitness.
This week, I am recommending dances to put
some romance and mojo back in your life.
Top of the list is RUMBA, this dance will bring out your inner
Goddess or Masculinity depending which side of the dance your on.
Nothing says LOVE like Bolero, how about Bachata to add that extra flirt to your dance and if you’re looking for Passion, Tango is your dance!
Is in it exciting to know that these dances can transform your way of expression?
So let’s get our sexy on , let’s dance!

To Dance is to Live

Thank You,
Gabriela Young